Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride

May 4-5, 2018

Sponsors and Contributors

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2017 Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Ken Wilson Ford Ford logo -- Ken Wilson dealership sells and services Ford cars and trucks. Trucks are available in inventory to meet all your hauling needs: they carry the area's largest Heavy Duty Truck selection and can assist you in making the right selection which best meet your automotive needs.   You can contact them by phone at 828-648-2313 or 800-532-4631; or by email

Blue Seal Feedsblue seal logo -- combines more than 140 years of experience in crafting horse feeds with the latest in equine nutritional research. Our horse feeds feature the highest quality, premium ingredients, fixed formulas, chelated trace minerals, added B-vitamins including Biotin, and added Vitamin C. Check out their website for store locations near you and details of their product line.



Bronze Sponsors

Cavalor Cavalor logo-- Since 1989, Cavalor has built an international reputation as the world leader in equine nutrition by providing a solution for every horse’s needs, from a foal’s first steps to retirement, and for the top performing equine athlete to the treasured backyard horse. They have developed a complete line of equine feed, supplements, and care products for "when the result counts". For further information, check out their website, email them or call 855-228-2567.


Copper Sponsors

Becky Pearman Photography -- Becky Pearman is well-known throughout the southeast for her vibrant photographs of riders and horses.  We are happy to have her to provide you with high quality shots of the action in 2016!  Please order from her website.

Biltmore Winery -- creates the Biltmore wines that have evolved into an award-winning collection, with conventional selections such as Chardonnay and Merlot, to specialty wines, such as the Biltmore Century and Christmas at Biltmore (trade marked) wines.  For more information, please contact them through their website, or through the main Biltmore number (877-BILTMORE -- that is, 877-245-8667).

Distance Depot and Horse Lovers Outlet -- Kristen Lacy has two options for you to explore.   Distance Depot is focused primarily on the endurance community and Horse Lovers Outlet at the more general equine owning and loving population. Her products range from what you want for your horse, for you as a rider, for your crew, and for your campsite. She can be reached at 866-863-2349, or via email at or

Platinum Performance -- under high quality conditions, make multiple nutritional supplements for horses, and also dogs and cats. The supplements can assist in daily maintenance and comeback from illnesses and other health challenges. They are donating six gift certificates for their flagship product: Platinum Performance. Their entire product line can be reviewed at their website.

Riding Warehouse -- is your one-stop online tack shop for english, western and endurance riders. Located in San Luis Obispo, California, Riding Warehouse offers a wide selection of quality equine products including horse tack, riding apparel, horse trailer and stable equipment, plus gifts for horse lovers. For information call 888-420-4327 or visit their website with secure on-line ordering. 

Running Bear -- owned by Teddy Lancaster, manufacturer of quality BioThane endurance tack and supplier of a great many necessities for the long distance rider and horse since 1980, is a long-time supporter of the Biltmore Challenge.   For information call 800-533-BEAR or see the ride schedule and order from Running Bear website with secure on-line ordering.  Contact:

Taylored Tack -- Amanda Taylor makes custom bridles and breastplates including those with various themes such as beaded brow bands, Indian-patterned overlays, and hand-made horsehair tassels.  She carries a complete line of quality, hand-crafted products for the endurance horse and rider.  For more information, check out her website, or call her at 610-469-0368 or send email to her at

Third Day Hay -- has two lines. First, for those living in Florida, you can get high quality hay delivered weekly to your place. Second, more broadly, they have Stay Sound Wraps, which, once soaked in cold water, can be applied to draw out heat. Contact Miguel Frohms at, or phone him at 352 207 4293.

2017 Contributors

Marbie Kollath -- donates first to finish prizes for the 100-mile and 75-mile competitions.

Nancy MacDonald -- donates first to finish prizes for the 50-mile and 55-mile competitions.

Mountain Farrier --- donates hand forged hoof picks for team awards.

Mast General Store -- is a great source for clothing (wicking, sun blocking, .... ) and dry goods of almost infinite variety, right here in Asheville. A wonderful place to shop!

Five Penny Tack -- Cleo Conk has a varied and imaginative line of hand-tied rope halters and will custom make one for you. She donated the Arab and Half Arab Best Condition awards.

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