Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride

May 4-5, 2018

Who's Who

Ken Marcella, Head Control Judge and President of the Vet Commission
Melissa Ribley, FEI Foreign Vet Delegate
Duane Barnett, Heather Caplan Brass, Art King, Nick Kohut, Julia Wolfe
Treatment vet:  Lynne Johnson; Bob Marshall assisting


Cheryl Newman, Organizing Committee
Elizabeth McLean, Organizing Committee, Representative of Biltmore Equestrian Center
Stagg Newman, Trail Master
Sharyn Groh, Bev Brock, Bonni Hannah, Jacki Wisler, Volunteer Coordinators

Dinah Rojek, Technical Delegate on Saturday; member of the GJ on Friday
Connie Creech, President of the Ground Jury on Saturday; member of the GJ on Friday
Carol Thompson, President of the Ground Jury on Friday
Kiyotaka Yaguchi, Foreign Judge on Saturday and Technical Delegate on Friday
Holly MacDonald, Ground Jury
Mary Howell, Ground Jury on Saturday
Jack Weber, Chief Steward
Tim Clark, Steward
John Proudman, Steward
Claudia Harper, Steward
Norma House, Steward on Saturday

Jeff Pauley, Mountain Farrier Service

Body Therapy
People:  Nancy MacDonald
Equine: Michelle Blankenship

Becky Pearman


Volunteer   -- contact Bonni Hannah or Sharyn Groh or Beverly Brock or Jacki Wisler or click on the Biltmore Challenge Volunteer Form.
'It takes a village' -- volunteer to assist.  Opportunities are available in many areas:

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