2018 AERC National Championship

and associated AERC Open Rides

for the benefit of

September 20-22, 2018

Entry Information:
the AERC National Championship at Biltmore is a pre-entry and pre-pay ride

mountains from Biltmore

ENTRY FORMS / PAYMENT:  Pre-entry is required (including entry fee payment).  Please return entry information (first page of the entry form) and signed waiver (liability release is the second page of the entry form) (general entry form is here, which is where you can find the entry fee schedule), with your full fee (note, no penalty for withdrawal prior to closing date, Sept 15).  All final payments are due by Sept 15 (closing date).  That is, any entry not paid by September 15 is accepted only at management discretion (not guaranteed).  Any entry not paid, but accepted at management discretion after September 15 will be subject to a $50 late entry penalty.  Absolutely NO post entries.

How this will work: the AERC National Championship and Associated AERC Open Rides are separate rides, but the same distance will have the same start time and run the same course. So Championship riders will be in the Championship ride. Open AERC riders will be in the Open ride. Placings will be acquired in the respective ride. So, for example, riders A, B, C, and D are all in the Championship 100. And riders W, X, Y, and Z are all in the Open 100. They all start Saturday morning at 6:30 am. Their order across the finish line is X, C, A, Y, D, Z, W, and B. For the Open ride, the finishing order is: X, Y, Z, W. For the Championship, the finishing order is C, A, D, B. Points for AERC are accumulated per AERC rules in each event separately.

However -- for teams!!! Regional teams are only in the Championship. OPEN teams and AERC SPIRIT teams can be hybrids, and include riders from either the Championship, the Open ride, or both.

Following terms and conditions wrt refunds: Fees are fully refundable with notice received before close of business, September 14; less $50 prior to September 16; 50% thereafter until arrival on premises. Once on site, refunds will be dictated by circumstances. For example, if a rider pre-enters multiple competitions, then the rider is injured, a full refund will be forthcoming. As another example, if on site prior to vetting, if a rider chooses not to ride, a 30% refund will be provided. Once a rider vets in (whether or not passes vetting), all entry fees are the ride's.

Non-AERC riders must pay day fee of $15, only applicable in the Friday Limited Distance.   The AERC National Championship at Biltmore is a pre-entry and pre-pay ride. 

You MUST bring Coggins test papers to check-in, or send a copy of the Coggins current through September 23, 2018 ahead of time. 

Questions?  Call Cheryl Newman at 828-665-1531 or email the Ride Manager for trail or AERC questions; or Biltmore Equestrian Center for stalls / paddocks / site info.

TEAM COMPETITION: Teddy Lancaster of Running Bear has agreed to sponsor the team competition! We are having multiple ways you can participate:

A.  Open teams: You can be on one 25 mile open team; one 50 mile open team; and one 100 mile open team. Four riders per team, fastest three to count. Form your own teams. Prizes for first, second and third place teams. All members of winning teams get awards.

B. Regional Teams, Championship only, 50 mile and 100 mile: everyone in an AERC region in the Championship is on their regional team. Top three riders in a region count towards awards, only top three riders get their team’s medals. First place team, second place team, third place team.

C. AERC Spirit teams: You can be on one 25 mile AERC spirit team; one 50 mile AERC spirit team; and one 100 mile AERC spirit team. Five riders per team, you must have one rider from each weight division PLUS one Junior or Young Rider and ALL team members must complete. Form your own teams. Prizes for first, second and third place teams. All members of winning teams get awards.

You can double and triple dip – be on an open team, an AERC spirit team, and on a Championship team all in the same ride. Opportunity knocks!

This is a good opportunity to practice team riding....   Check out how strategy and opportunities change in this environment!   Entry at ride registration, no additional fees.  NOTE: in the entries, divisions: Juniors are J highlighted in blue; YOUNG RIDERS are weight division, but highlighted in blue.

Choose your team -- entries are posted as of Sepbember 16: 
Thursday 50 mile Championship entries -- are here
Thursday 50 mile open entries -- are here
Friday 25 mile open entries -- are here
Saturday 100 mile Championship entries -- are here

AWARDS Completion awards for all riders.  AERC Championship buckles to 100-mile completion. Weight division winners in Championship (not LD), Top 10, Best Condition and 1st-to-Finish Award. Other awards as sponsored.

100 mile completion buckler


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